The African buffalo or Cape buffalo is one of the Big 5 animals found in the nearby Addo Elephant National Park, a mere 15 minutes from Kudu Ridge Game Lodge.

Buffalo occur naturally in the greater Addo region. There are over 400 buffalo in the Addo Elephant National Park.

The buffalo in the Addo Park are one of the largest disease-free herds in South Africa. They do not carry foot and mouth disease. This is important as the cattle in the surrounding farms are also protected from potential infection.

Buffalo Facts:

  • The Cape buffalo is not closely related to the slightly larger Asian water buffalo.
  • Buffalo are sought after as a hunting trophy and are one of the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt. This is why they are included as a member of the Big 5.
  • Buffaloes are primarily grazers (grass eaters). They also browse on seedpods especially from acacia trees.
  • Buffalo prefer open savannah grassland and bushveld with lots of long grass.
  • Buffalo need a good fresh water supply as they drink daily. They also like to lie in water and mud to help rid themselves of flies and ticks.
  • Mating takes place mainly during late summer and usually single calves are born from early to mid-summer. Cows normally give birth every two years.
  • Buffalo can live up to 20 years.
  • Buffalo are cunning and dangerous. There are many hunting tales that mention wounded buffaloes setting ambushes for hunters.
  • Buffalo enemies in Addo National Park are lion and leopard.
  • Buffalo are not easy to catch as they don’t not always run away. They group together and try to stand their ground in an effort to defend their young and each other.
  • Buffalo congregate in herds consisting of dominant bulls and cows. However bulls are often found alone or form small bachelor herds of 10 and more.

On your next stay at Kudu Ridge Game Lodge let our expert safari guides take you to see these magnificent creatures. We offer guided Addo tours into the Addo Elephant National Park in our 7 seater air-conditioned bus.

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