Kudu Ridge Game Lodge is located a short 20-minute drive to one of the largest national parks in South Africa, the Addo Elephant National Park This park offers visitors an excellent malaria-free Big 5 safari experience in a convenient location close to Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.






Addo Elephant National Park is a diverse wildlife conservation area and the only park in the world to house Africa’s “Big 7”. Visitors have the chance to see the Big 5 – elephants, lion, buffalo, rhino and leopard – as well as great white sharks and whales (from the coastal and marine conservation areas).

The Addo Elephant Park was founded in 1931 in order to provide a sanctuary for the eleven remaining elephants in the area. It was expanded in 1997 and now proudly houses more than 600 elephants. Addo Elephant Facts:

  1. Elephants are the Largest Land Mammal: These huge creatures have been recorded to weigh up to 6000 kg (6.6 tons) and reach up to 3.3 m (10 ft.) at the shoulder. This makes the African elephant the world’s largest land mammal.
  2. Elephant Trunks: Elephants use their trunks to smell, breathe, detect vibrations, cuddle their young, suck up water and handle objects. The tip of and elephant’s trunk has two extensions, or fingers, which allow for amazing delicate movements.
  3. Elephant Tusks: Both male and female elephants have tusks. Baby elephants are born with tusks that fall out after a year. Their permanent tusks will appear and continue to grow throughout the elephant’s life. The tusks are used to dig, forage, and fight.
  4. Elephant Ears: The large ears of elephants are unique and help us to identify individuals. Elephants’ ears are very sensitive and they can hear sounds over long distances – often over five kilometers. Elephants’ ears help them to cool them down.
  5. Elephant Communication: Elephants communicate with their ears. When you see an elephant flapping its ears this most often means that it is angry. You should move away!
  6. Compassionate Elephants: African elephants can often be seen to show wonderful compassion for each other. You will hopefully see this when you spend time with the Addo elephants. You can watch them care for their young and show affection for each other.

Accommodation Close to Addo Elephant Park
Kudu Ridge Game Lodge are privileged to be located a short distance from the Addo National Elephant Park which means we can offer guests the opportunity to spend time and learn about elephants.

Please contact us with any queries you may have on visiting the Addo Elephant National Park and surrounds.