At Kudu Ridge Game Lodge we are thrilled to be positioned so close to the third largest national park in South Africa, the Addo Elephant National Park. The park is home to the two species of hyena, the rare brown hyena and the occasionally seen spotted hyena.

The spotted hyena, also known as laughing hyena, was reintroduced to the Addo Elephant National Park in 2014, after being absent for over 100 years.

Spotted Hyena Facts

  • Sandy, ginger-coloured coat with black markings on their body and legs.
  • Usually scavenge for food but are also skilled predators.
  • Social mammals and live in structured groups called clans.
  • The clans can include up to 80 individuals.
  • Females rank higher than males and the group is led by one powerful alpha female.
  • Spotted hyenas communicate with yells, whoops and cackles – some of which can be heard almost 5km away. These sounds is why they are also called laughing hyenas.
  • Average weight is 50-86 kilograms.
  • Grow up to 2m in length.
  • Have been recorded to reach a top speed of 65km/h.

Enjoy Addo Animals During Your Stay

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