Flowering of the Aloe Striata.





It’s nearly that time of year where the Aloes all over Addo start to flower! The flowers appear in late winter to early spring, with tall stems that produce coral-red coloured flower clusters. Such a beautiful sight and a fantastic reason to visit the area!

Aloe Striata , the Coral Aloe, is a spineless blue-grey-green succulent known for its striped (striated) wide leaves and coral flowers. Aloe Striata leaves are not toothed, but have smooth pink edges, which sometimes appear nearly transparent. They grow throughout the southern parts of the Cape in South Africa, on rocky slopes in coastal or arid scrub areas. Though often sold as a solitary plant, Aloe Striata will slowly produce new rosettes at the base to form a cluster.

In hot full sun the Aloe Striata leaves turn more pink coloured, while in relative shade, the leaves are more blue-green. This plant will produce fuller, plumper leaves with regular watering, but is also very drought resistant.
The Coral Aloe can handle full sun or part shade, and likes very well-drained soil. It is cold-tolerant to 20 to 25 degrees F. You can use it in a group planting, or as a solitary specimen in the ground, and it also grows well in a large container.

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