I by chance met 3 well known American Horticulturists at the entrance to Kudu Ridge yesterday afternoon. I arrived back from P.E. to find these 3 gentlemen clambering around the embankment at our gate with cameras. My curiosity got the better of me and I went across and asked them what they were doing, the one replied that they were from America and are interested in plants so I told them they were welcome to come in and look around at the abundant plant life on Kudu Ridge which they did and then spent the night. It turns out that they are extremely well known worldwide. Brian Kemble on the left is Curator of the famous Ruth Bancroft Garden in San Francisco, Walker Young in the middle is his assistant, Kelly Griffin on the right is Curator of Rancho Soledad Nurseries in San Diego and is famous for cultivating aloes, even having a cultivar named after him.

This morning I took them for a quick walk around Kudu Ridge which turned out to be the entire morning. I know we have amazing succulents here but I didn’t know how rare and sort after some of them are (sort after as in people wanting to see them in their natural state). One of them a tiny aloe got them very excited so much so that they have given me a fellows name, who actually cultivates them because they are so rare and asked me to collect seeds and send them to him to grow.