Kudu Ridge Game Lodge is a family-run and operated reserve nestled in the picturesque Addo hills and the ideal base to explore the nearby Addo Elephant National Park and other Addo activities.

We are renowned for our abundance of kudu, cape grysbok, steenbok, duiker and impala as well as numerous plant and bird species.

Visit us at Kudu Ridge Game Lodge and let us take you on a tour of our reserve whether on our 4×4 open safari vehicle or one of our walking tours. You may get a chance encounter some of these antelope.

Top 5 Antelope at Kudu Ridge Game Lodge














Kudu: Kudu, or koodoo, is the Khoikhoi name for this antelope meaning ‘twist’. The male kudu has horns that have glorious twists. Kudu have brown and striped pelts which helps to camouflage them in scrub environments. Kudus are browsers and eat leaves and shoots.








Impala: This is a medium sized antelope. The males are known as rams and females are referred to as ewes. Female impala do not have horns. Impala have a glossy, reddish brown coat. They are browsers as well as grazers.

Cape Grysbok











Cape Grysbok: A smallish sized antelope. Cape grysbok have a rough, reddish sandy coat flecked in white. There is a black “bridge” on their noses and a dark scent gland in front of their eyes. Males have short, sharp and straight horns about 8 cm long. The Cape grysbok can fluff out its fur on its bum to make itself look bigger!












Steenbok: This is a smallish sized antelope with a coat that shades from fawn to rufous but is typically rather orange. Males have straight, smooth, parallel horns of 7–19 cm long. Steenbok typically browse on low-level vegetation and also adept at scraping up roots and tubers.












Duiker: Also known as the grey or bush duiker. This is a small antelope with females being generally larger and heavier than the males. Only male duikers have horns. Their colouration depends on the region they live and those at Kudu Ridge are generally a light brown shade.

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