Kudu Ridge hosted Gorah Elephant Camps Team Building function in our Boma last Sunday.


Gorah TB 2 Gorah TB3 Gorah TB6

Kudu Ridge’s main entertainment facility consists of a comfortable boma featuring a spacious dining area and stunning viewing deck. The central firepit in the boma area creates a warm and inviting ambience, regardless of season or weather. This was the perfect venue for Gorah’s Team Building Day!

The Gorah team were divided into 3 teams. In the first phase they needed to answer 5 riddles, before being given clues to find ingredients that had been hidden on the farm. Once all the ingredients had been found they could finish cooking their Kudu Potjies. Leandi Pretorius, their Acting GM, and our own Jenny and Brian judged the teams on their team spirit, presentation and Potjies.


Gorah TB5 Gorah Team buiding 1 Gorah TB4

Read on for more information on our Conference facilities.