Flightless-Addo-Dung-BeetleI have often been asked by guests why a dung beetle rolls dung and what does it eventually do with the ball of dung. The dung beetle found in this area is the Flightless Addo Dung Beetle and is almost exclusively found in the Addo Elephant National Park, although they have been reintroduced to other areas where there are Elephant and Buffalo.

The dung beetle either eats the fresh Elephant or Buffalo dung where it is found or rolls it into a ball to eat it later. The female uses the dung for a brood ball and moves it to a suitable spot with the male following where she will bury it with the male on top. They will them mate under the ground and a single egg is laid within the ball. The lava will spend 3 to 4 months in the ball feeding off it until it emerges as a mature adult.

So when you are next in Addo Elephant Park look out for this interesting beetle and remember to steer clear of Elephant dung.