Planning a trip to Kudu Ridge Game Lodge and looking to book Addo activities? We have included our top 5 Addo wildlife activities to help you with your planning. All activities are located a short distance from our lodge and the Addo Elephant National Park, a mere 15 minutes drive away.

1. Addo Wildlife Activities: Elephant Herds

Addo Elephant National Park the third largest national park in South Africa and most people visit to see the elephants, which the park was originally created to protect. The elephants thrive in this area and it is arguably one of the best places in Africa to view elephants.

We offer Addo safari tours into the national park where we can spend many hours watching the behaviour of an elephant herd. These intelligent creatures display characteristics that show grief, joy, anger and playfulness. We consider viewing elephant herds at Addo Elephant National Park a top 5 Addo wildlife activity.

2. Addo Wildlife Activities: Raptor and Reptile Centre

The Addo Raptor and Reptile Centre is a rehabilitation and education facility (definitely not a zoo) that provides a home and veterinary care for rescued birds of prey and reptiles. There are daily live shows and guided tours, which allow visitors to come face to face with deadly African snakes plus other amazing creatures. This is a great family and educational activity.

3. Addo Wildlife Activities: Daniel Cheetah Project

This is also a great family activity and a chance to come face to face with some of Africa’s cats. The Daniell Cheetah Project is among South Africa’s best-known cheetah sanctuaries. It was established in 2001 and started with just three cats. The project plays a large role in the conservation of the cheetah and educating visitors on the importance of this amazing species.

4. Addo Wildlife Activities: Antelope Antics

You can step out of your safari tent or chalet at Kudu Ridge Game Lodge and walk around our private game reserve to watch the antics of various antelope. There are a total of 13 species of antelope in the nearby Addo Elephant National Park. These include kudu, impala, eland and red hartebeest. Enjoy some antelope antics during a self-drive or guided safari tour. Return to our viewing deck to watch the sun go down over the Addo valley.

5. Addo Wildlife Activities: Safari Horseback Rides

There is no better place in South Africa than the Addo Elephant National Park to experience a safari horse trail and you do not need to be an experienced rider. Trails can last up to three hours and are all led by experienced guides. It is a great way for the adventurous guest to have a close encounter with nature, to learn and experience African flora and wildlife.

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